Mars in Cancer – the fierce mom

This describes a placement for Mars that can make the red, hot planet feel watered down. Mars is the quintessential “manly man.” Its glyph is the symbol for male which is a circle with a pointed phallus directed upwards, which describes its energy. Mars stands for strength, competitiveness, anger, aggression, sex drive, vigor and theContinue reading “Mars in Cancer – the fierce mom”

What Groups do you Belong to?

The eleventh house has a lot going for it. Opposite the fifth house which rules romance, short-term flings, children, creativity and gambling, the eleventh house rules friends, liquid gains, charitable organizations, the recognition and awards that we get from work, our personal dreams and desires, and social reform.  Astrologers would look at the eleventh houseContinue reading “What Groups do you Belong to?”

Kali, the 8th House Goddess of Sex, Death, Money & Transformation

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death. Her skin is blue, her wild hair blows in the wind, her eyes are ablaze as she stares directly into your eyes, and she slings a chain of the heads of men she has slayed around her neck. In her hands lies the most potent power of natureContinue reading “Kali, the 8th House Goddess of Sex, Death, Money & Transformation”

Uranus Direct in Taurus

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Those are the sounds that Uranus would make as it cracks like lightning across our consciousness. Uranus’ duty is to shake things up by preventing us from becoming stagnant or staying stuck. Having been in retrograde since the summer, he will make his thunderous roar to station direct on January 11, 2020Continue reading “Uranus Direct in Taurus”

Chiron, our Inner Wounded Healer

Though he is technically a comet, Chiron is lumped in with the Asteroids of Astrology. It is always nerve wracking to touch upon him and learn what he stands for because the subject denotes a deep dive into our biggest pains, securities and fears. And on top of that, he highlights our childhood wounds –Continue reading “Chiron, our Inner Wounded Healer”

How I used nutrition and exercise to build self-LOVE and overcome low self-esteem/confidence

When I was 19, going to Jack in the Box to get a snack at midnight with my friends wasn’t a bad idea. And 10 times out of 10, it was because we were really high and full of energy and probably did not eat 3 square meals that day and had burnt a lotContinue reading “How I used nutrition and exercise to build self-LOVE and overcome low self-esteem/confidence”

How to bust sweet cravings. Easier than you thought.

Are you starting a new diet protocol to get bikini ready in time for spring break? Perhaps you’ve been finding that challenging to do because you have your go-to sweet treats which you find comfort in at the end of a long workday. Or perhaps whenever the kids nag you, or there’s more than usualContinue reading “How to bust sweet cravings. Easier than you thought.”

What to eat when you are expecting

If you are reading this, it may be because you are either pregnant, looking to get pregnant, or considering getting pregnant. Wherever you are, you are also probably aware that pregnancy requires different nutrition requirements. I commend you for being so on top of it and proactively deciding to learn more about this very importantContinue reading “What to eat when you are expecting”