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Natal Chart Reading

In person/phone – $150

For if you prefer conversation and asking questions as they come up for you.
1 hr

Audio recording – $95

A pre-recorded reading in mp3 format so you can listen to it at your leisure.
45min – 1hr

A Natal Chart reading gives you more insight into:

  • where you came from and where you are going
  • a deeper understanding of your personality
  • what, why and who you love, how you want to be loved, and what turns you on
  • what communication style works best for you
  • clarity on your life purpose
  • what career is best suited for you
  • your early childhood and parents
  • your relationships
  • your friends and network circles
  • how you can get things done more efficiently

These are just some areas that astrology can shine a light on and gain clarity for you. Feel free to ask any question you like!

I offer compassionate, loving and intuitive readings based on western astrology, psychology and Vedic traditions. Please provide accurate birth info.

Contact me for a reading.

Relationship Reading

1 hour – $250

I read the Natal Charts of both partners and look at the Synastry and Composite charts to offer deeper insight of the relationship. It can be for romantic partners, business partners, siblings, friends, parent and child or any two people that are close.

The Relationship Reading reveals what the purpose of the relationship is, and how you can strengthen the bond to be mutually beneficial.

It can reveal:

  • Why is this person in my life?
  • What are we meant to achieve together?
  • How do we affect each other?
  • Why am I so attracted to _______________?
  • What can I do to improve the relationship?
  • How can I better love this person and how can they better love me?

Please provide accurate birth info for both people.

Contact me for a reading.

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