What is Mindfulness

I have something really special for you today! I interviewed a yogi, Mindfulness practitioner, teacher, MA in Clinical Psychology candidate at Columbia University and my own best gal pal, Miya Matsui @mountain__magic!   The idea for this interview stemmed from my own curiosity about what a Mindfulness practitioner’s practice looks like, and my desire toContinue reading “What is Mindfulness”

How food helped me through grief

I was lucky to be raised by a mom who loved to cook. ​ My ideal party situation would be to have good friends and family gathered around a gorgeous picnic in wine country on a hot summer afternoon with tables covered in simple but beautiful food and good wine. Everyone is eating, laughing and enjoying being inContinue reading “How food helped me through grief”

Self-care rituals for women – just do it

I believe in beautiful and nourishing self care rituals. Whether it’s taking the extra step at bath time to use an indulgent sugar scrub, or painting your nails while tuning into your favorite podcasts, or winding down at night with a mug of herbal tea and listening to Enya’s Greatest Hits while curling up on theContinue reading “Self-care rituals for women – just do it”

How to use essential oils for everyday life

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate EOs into your everyday life so you can get the most out of these wonderful and versatile oils!   Lavender – add 4 drops into your diffuser with 4oz of water and set that up in your living room or bedroom; wherever you’ll be up until youContinue reading “How to use essential oils for everyday life”

Wtf are the B-complex vitamins and what do they do?!

The B vitamins are a group of vitamins that are SUPER important to our bodies, especially with energy production.   They are water-soluble, meaning that they dissolve in water. This is a reason why vegetables should not be overcooked in water, in an effort to preserve its water-soluble vitamin contents, the B vitamins and vitaminContinue reading “Wtf are the B-complex vitamins and what do they do?!”

How does Nutrition Education benefit me?

Nutrition education is more important than ever because there is a great need for it now. The rates of Americans with chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and obesity are steadily rising, yet all of these conditions can be reversed with proper nutrition practices. Combined with adequate exercise and stress management, the ultimate goal ofContinue reading “How does Nutrition Education benefit me?”

Why I became a Holistic Nutritionist

Every time I meet new people and tell them that I’m a budding nutritionist, they ask me, “So what do you do?” I tell them that I offer one-on-one consultations to help people boost their health and help treat gut issues, inflammation, acne, compromised immune system, diabetes, addiction, anxiety and depression using food, movement and mindfulness as my tools.Continue reading “Why I became a Holistic Nutritionist”