Neptune, The Blue Planet

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The blue planet who rests on an outer orbit of the solar system plays a large role in astrology. Neptune, whose glyph is the triton that the Greek sea god with the same name holds in his hand to symbolize his rule, is associated with higher love, art and dreams. If Neptune was an organ, it would be responsible for charging the body with creativity, harnessing the mind with psychic ability and powering the spirit with divine intuition. The children of Neptune are the lovers, dreamers and artists. No wonder we have so many artists who were born under a strong Neptune influence, such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Salvador Dali; the list continues into eternity. Having a strong Neptune in the chart can also indicate a seeker of spirituality. 

There is often a strong tie to knowing pain for this group of people. It is as though without knowing such great depths of pain, they would not have been able to produce such great heights of the art or teachings these Neptune-endowed individuals so passionately produced for the world to enjoy. The role of the artist is to share the creative beat they have drumming inside of them, for they are born with it. Artists hold the key to realizing the language, the music, the form and shape that divine inspiration imparts on them, seemingly coming from thin air or from a higher dimension. This is the gift of Neptune. 

Neptune’s children may have a tendency to fall privy to substance use and addiction, for Neptune holds an escapist energy. It wants to escape from the mundane reality of earth and float high above into outer space where it can see everything from a birds eye view where everyone looks like equals and are all going through the same journey that we call life. Neptune envisions a utopian society where everybody respects and loves one another, rescues pets from the shelter, swims with the dolphins and creates art all day while there is beautiful harp music playing in the background. 

Like in Walt Disney’s epic animation, Fantasia, Neptune resides in a world where there are no differences in race, color or creed. We may be whatever we want to be, whether it’s a hippopotamus ballerina, a dancing mushroom or a pastel pink centaur galloping across a cotton candy meadow. Ruling the twelfth house of sleep, dreams and magic, Neptune’s theme was beautifully typecasted in the segment titled “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” starring Mickey Mouse as a baby wizard learning to cast spells for the first time. He falls asleep after a hard day of chores and escapes into dreamland where magic is so easy that he can conduct the stars to spray across the sky in line with the rhythm of the symphony. Though Walt Disney was a Sagittarius sun, he had Neptune very close to the Midheaven, just like his pal Salvador Dali did. 

Neptune knows no boundaries and holds a permeable nature because it feels at home in the element of water. Fluidity and weightlessness are prominent characteristics because they are what is necessary to access the dreamworld. Those with strong a Neptune or 12th house presence in their chart may have a fuzzy appearance about them and be active dreamers. They may even be talented at astral travel. As the purveyors of belief and faith, which may be harder for those without much Neptune to grasp, they are here to be the gentle, big-hearted leaders that raise humankind to be more compassionate, kind and spiritual.

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