What Groups do you Belong to?

The eleventh house has a lot going for it. Opposite the fifth house which rules romance, short-term flings, children, creativity and gambling, the eleventh house rules friends, liquid gains, charitable organizations, the recognition and awards that we get from work, our personal dreams and desires, and social reform. 

Astrologers would look at the eleventh house of a natal chart to see how the individual will merge with groups of people and what kinds of social activities would benefit us. For example, would we belong to a volunteer group, a gym, Toastmasters, a sports team or Model UN? Depending on what types of aspects and planets this house makes within our natal chart, it can reveal how we could benefit from these organizations, and how important it is to us to belong to them. Having a significant eleventh house in your chart could indicate that you belong to many groups and you would not totally feel like yourself if you were not part of them.

It is also known as a wealth house, but it represents the type of money that comes through sheer luck or speculation, such as a winning lottery ticket or the money you make on a house you bought that was the best choice you made ten years ago. Whereas the second and eighth houses represent the kind of money that you earn or get through other people respectively, eleventh house money is the kind that we all dream about because it takes no work or commitments to get it.

The sign that rules the 11th house is Aquarius whose planets are Uranus–who is radical–and Saturn–who is stable. Though seemingly a paradox, these two planetary energies combine to make a pretty cool, forward-thinking person who scoffs at trends and paves their own way. Therefore, having multiple personal planets here could make one a trailblazer. Uranus-ruled people think outside of the box and are open and progressive. The element is air, so it is an intellectually-based part of our make-up. The air element in astrology is responsible for communication, thoughts, ideas and social exchange. There is also a quality of turbulence as Uranus seeks to keep us from getting stagnant, with a mature and stabilizing force thrown in by Saturn who is the all-seeing regulator.

It truly is a rewarding house, promising various social engagements and the fulfillment you can only get from contributing to a worthy cause. Having the Water Bearer as its symbol, the water that is being poured out is actually representing the riches that we get from knowledge. To make the most of the treasures that we can only get from this house, do your best to get in touch with what turns you on and find a group you can join to engage in related activities. Whether you get fired up about animal advocacy, women and children, travel, astrology or art, there will always be an organized group that pertains to your passion. Your contribution matters. In order to evolve to the best version of your divine self, participating in what you truly care about will offer the utmost gratification. This is the house of gains, after all. By giving what only you can give to the world just by being who you are, you will gain a whole lot more.

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I'm an astrologer and health coach and I specialize in helping people develop their self-confidence by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their soul.

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