Kali, the 8th House Goddess of Sex, Death, Money & Transformation

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death. Her skin is blue, her wild hair blows in the wind, her eyes are ablaze as she stares directly into your eyes, and she slings a chain of the heads of men she has slayed around her neck. In her hands lies the most potent power of nature because death is where we come from. They say that she resembles true fury, the kind that mothers call upon when they are in the deepest throes of childbirth. It is the kind of fury that stems from our most primal being which lies in the deepest chasm of our core.

Her other name is Adi Shakti, or Mother of the Universe, for this reason. The 8th house in astrology holds the keys to our secrets, hidden fears, other people’s money, sex, death and finally, transformation. The house is ruled by Scorpio, so it has a very provocative flair to it. Its planetary ruler is Pluto, who is the son of Saturn and therefore carries some karmic and hard lessons to be learned by us. 

In the 8th house is where we find true intimacy because it is here where we can share ourselves with someone where nothing is left behind, everything must be uncovered. This is where our love for the person who we decide to be with in the 7th house gets truly tested, because the 8th house will stand for nothing less than the real truth. Perhaps this is why we find this house to be so sexy, because of its undeniable power that is revealed when two people come together after they are stripped naked with nothing left to hide.

The goddess Kali is a sexy, deathly, powerful queen. She resides in the 8th house. There is something about her presence that demands us humans to be completely genuine as we bow down to kiss her feet. Why does death trigger so much fear within us? It is because death stands for the unknown – it is the opposite of life, or the playground of where we live out our lives. Death is beyond this realm, and therefore serves as a motivator to be everything we can be during our waking lives. 

The realm beyond this one can be accessed through deep bonding, otherwise known as sex. How many times have we humans tried to describe the mysterious allure of the power that is felt when two people come together in this way and yet no words can ever describe the heights that can be obtained by humans only through this portal. For it is a portal; it transports us into the beyond. There is no other way to get there.

Choose wisely who you decide to enter the 8th house with. For most of us, this will be our marriage partner. For others, it can be through the loss of a relative or someone very close to us. When the time comes to sign papers to transfer your loved one’s trust over to you, remember the double meaning of that word, trust. The type of bond that the 8th house provides is rooted in karma, so there are multiple layers of reasons why you are bonded with that person. Whatever the 8th house propels you into exploring, don’t take it lightly. Delve. Go further than you thought was possible, and keep going even then. You will be rewarded like nothing else you will experience.

BGP0264bSey Pitton is an astrologer, holistic nutritionist and walker of the spiritual path. She can be found online at seypitton.com or on Instagram @sey_heartbeats


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    1. I’m so glad this resonated with you. I also have significant placements in the 8th house, so I admit that my thoughts go to this house a lot.

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