Scorpio, our Inner Killer

The deadly Scorpion is infamous for his stinger. It’s what sets him apart from other ominous creatures. When he is face to face with his prey or a potential danger, he holds the stinger that has the ability to kill in an instant high above his head, pointing it at the opposition with full control. His stinger is everything. It gives him the power to cast a spell on you because you know you will never be able to escape what is coming.

Pain is no stranger to the Scorpio. It is part of their life experience and how they understand the world. The level of pain that can be afflicted by these venomous creatures is so high because they themselves have personally experienced so much of it, yet you will never know how much they have seen and felt because they will not show you until they trust you. Until you earn their trust, you can only be patient until the time that a Scorpio will open up and give you a taste of their pains and secrets that lie beneath their cool exterior.

I am in love with a Scorpio. And although there was passion and compassion, mutual respect and deep bonding from the beginning, it was the trust that came after all of that. It wasn’t until a year into that he shared his deepest wound with me. And in that moment of cracking open the door to the heart, tons of emotional tension was released. Light was brought into the darkness and I witnessed firsthand how much bravery it takes to be vulnerable.

Scorpios are the master of intimacy. This word can be broken down to “into me I see,” and true to their nature, there is nothing quite like allowing a Scorpio in. They will honor your soul and divinity by entering with full consciousness, only in the way Scorpios know how. Look right back into their eyes only if you are ready. They will see everything.Sey_ocean_Cave2

Published by seypitton

I'm an astrologer and health coach and I specialize in helping people develop their self-confidence by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their soul.

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