Uranus Direct in Taurus


Snap! Crackle! Pop! Those are the sounds that Uranus would make as it cracks like lightning across our consciousness. Uranus’ duty is to shake things up by preventing us from becoming stagnant or staying stuck. Having been in retrograde since the summer, he will make his thunderous roar to station direct on January 11, 2020 in the sensual sign of Taurus. As the unconventional rebel, he has been pushing us since last summer to the edge of what we find to be valuable, beautiful and worthy of our adoration and money, which are all ruled by Taurus. Since Taurus hates to change its mind once its been made, this has not been an easy feat. 

Poor old Taurus; the bull-headed Venusian earth goddess cannot wait for Uranus, who has been like an electric prod in her side, to get out of her peaceful bubble. But what Taurus is now waking up to is that the last half year has opened her up to a new possibility of being. Had he never prodded her with his electrifying energy, she would have never seen the other fields of beautiful flowers on the other side of her periphery. Although annoyed at first, Taurus realizes that Uranus blessed her greatly by helping her expand her mind.

With Uranus in Taurus stationing direct, we are all waking up to new possibilities of what is worth coveting. For example, who would have ever thought that an activated charcoal vanilla soft serve ice cream would actually be healthy and delicious, or that cryotherapy which sounds like the worst idea ever will actually tone down inflammation leaving you looking and feeling good? Using technology, which is Uranus’ offspring, to boost and enhance Venusian-ruled things like beauty, money and food, is a great idea right now. You will be surprised what you like when you open yourself up to new possibilities. Even things you did not like before may be more appealing to you now.

As the first outer planet to be discovered using advanced technology in 1781, it has radically shifted our paradigm ever since. As the freedom-loving agent provocateur of the solar system, he contributes the daringness that we need to shake things up and think outside of the box. He wants to prevent us from being “sheeple” because he urges us not to be satisfied with the status quo. He asks us how much greater life could be if we did things differently. A little shock to the system never hurt anyone. And because he is the masterof jolting the system, be prepared for relationships to lose a bit of solid ground. This could be temporary or not. Things that we thought were chill may actually not be chill. Perhaps a new side of yourself will emerge at this time, shocking your partner and causing them to doubt whether they truly know who you are or not. Or a source of income that you thought was reliable will experience a shift. Gifts and surprises may come from the least expected of sources.

When change does occur, make sure to embrace it because Uranus holds a vision for the betterment of society overall. This energy can be used to have some fun and expand your network circles. And if you are a Taurus Sun, or if you have personal planets in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, then you can expect the unexpected right now. Whatever happens, just know that it is for the better. You can thank Uranus for the upgrade.


Published by seypitton

I'm an astrologer and health coach and I specialize in helping people develop their self-confidence by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their soul.

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