Self-care rituals for women – just do it

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I believe in beautiful and nourishing self care rituals. Whether it’s taking the extra step at bath time to use an indulgent sugar scrub, or painting your nails while tuning into your favorite podcasts, or winding down at night with a mug of herbal tea and listening to Enya’s Greatest Hits while curling up on the couch with your lap dog in your lap – whatever your ritual is, honor it and do it more often.
These displays of extending love and care towards ourselves will benefit us greatly by making them a regular practice, rather than reserving them for special occasions only. If you’ve ever seen the face of a woman while conducting her self care ritual, you’ll know just how powerful it is. As a kid, I’d always know when my mom was done with her bath because the whole house would smell like roses.
She had this rose-scented body lotion that she would apply after her shower or bath. What made the experience of watching her even more beautiful was the fact that she would put on her light pink silk robe that had a pink rose print on it. Her face would be slightly flushed and glowy with an air of serenity and evening calm. That whole experience – the scent of roses, the pink silk robe, the act of self care – became the quintessence of feminine beauty for me.
Naturally, I learned to associate the scent of rose with all the positivity and feelings of loveliness that was conjured by my mother’s nightly ritual. 
There’s an episode in one of the earlier seasons of Sex and the City where Miranda is seen seated on her bed after a shower, massaging lotion onto her legs. She looks calm, sensual, satisfied and at peace with herself in that moment. She makes you feel that she is doing something delicious, something fulfilling. I thought it was such an accurate portrayal of how women appear on the outside when they are engaging in an act of self care.
Perhaps some of us are better at scheduling self care rituals into our routines more regularly. But a lot of us still need a reminder to do that. So let’s look at the benefits of self care:
  • Self-massage helps to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system which aids in relaxation. Relaxation combats stress and anxiety, which are contributors to chronic disease.
  • Self care, whatever form it may be in, is a powerful statement of self-empowerment. As the sandwich board outside my local yoga studio says, “We are only one decision away from a good mood.” By choosing to engage in self care, the body returns the favor by producing more feel-good hormones like serotonin which induces feelings of well-being and happiness.
  • Practicing self care regularly increases our self esteem because it instills the belief within us that we are worth every minute of it.
  • Self care is not only recharging, it is a direct way to fill up our own cup which enables us to be more affluent givers. As Lisa Nichols explains, the best way to give to others is from our saucer that we are spilling out into because our own cup is so full. This is the key to burn-out prevention. What we need more of in this world are supercharged women! 
  • No one knows you better than yourself. Rather than relying on others to treat you the way you want to be treated, take the opportunity to do it for yourself in exactly the ways you like it.
Some ideas for self care rituals:
  • Take a bath in hot water infused with milk, essential oils of your choice and fresh rose petals or sprigs of lavender
  • Light some candles at night and do a restorative yoga or slow stretch routine
  • Make yourself a sweet treat using nutrient-dense ingredients like fresh berries, raw cacao, good honey, grass-fed cream or coconut milk and enjoy it mindfully, unabashedly.
  • Go for a long walk on the beach or in the forest.
  • Do a simple self-massage routine – take a few drops of a light carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) and add a couple drops of a soothing essential oil like ylang ylang, geranium or marjoram and rub it into your hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms, shoulders and neck. As a general rule of thumb, make small, rhythmic and circular motions over joints, and make slower, long strokes over your limbs. For a really effective tension reliever, take your hands behind your head and massage the occipital ridge (the baseline of the skull where it meets the top of your neck) with your fingers, gently but firmly. They say that 90% of headaches are caused by tightness in the occipital ridge.
  • Read a fiction book
  • Have your morning coffee outside and bask in the sun
Whatever your self care ritual of choice is, it should be something that is done just for you and no one/nothing else. It should feel wholesome and delicious. You’ll know that it’s working when your breath naturally starts to slow down and you feel at peace and indulgent at the same time. Once you’re there, capture the feeling – get to know it very well. This is where your essence lives. When you are undisturbed and your whole attention is on the moment. Schedule more of these moments into your life and enjoy fully. 

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