How to release neck tension

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Sit up tall in a comfortable seat. You can sit in a chair, or on the ground. Just make sure your spine is nice and straight. Relax the shoulders down towards the ground. Hands can be resting in your lap, with the palms facing up or down.
Take a big in hale in through the nose and exhale your left ear down to your left shoulder. Take a couple slow breaths here. Then, take your left hand and place it gently on top of the right side of your head, allowing the weight of the hand to encourage the stretch in the right side of your neck. Breathe.
When you’re ready, inhale the head back to center. Exhale.
Inhale in and exhale right ear to right shoulder, feeling the stretch in the left side this time. After a couple breaths, take your right hand and gently place it on top of the left side of your face. Take a couple breaths here.
Inhale the head back to center and exhale out the mouth.
You can do this at home, at work, in the car. It only takes a few moments to release tension from the neck area. I recommend using peppermint essential oil, as it’s a great oil to feel coolness. Feeling tension and/or stuck-ness in the neck may also be correlated with the hampering of your self-expression (fifth chakra). Use one drop of peppermint essential and rub it between the palms of your hands. Inhale the scent then rub it into your neck, giving yourself a massage. The cooling sensation will be very soothing and encourage the tension to unwind.
Affirmation: I express myself clearly with joy and ease.

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