How food helped me through grief

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I was lucky to be raised by a mom who loved to cook.
My ideal party situation would be to have good friends and family gathered around a gorgeous picnic in wine country on a hot summer afternoon with tables covered in simple but beautiful food and good wine. Everyone is eating, laughing and enjoying being in the sun and in each other’s company.
As you can see, I am in total love with food, but what brought me to nutrition was when my mom was diagnosed in 2011 with melanoma.
I had always been a “crunchy” kind of person, but that single event changed me forever and propelled me deeper into the world of holistic health.
My mom and I poured our hearts and souls into healthy eating, alternative medicine, meditation and prayer. Though my mom passed away in 2012, I noticed that all the lifestyle changes I made while supporting her was actually benefitting me – my inflammation had noticeably reduced, my fitness had improved, and since I looked and felt so good, I was more confident in myself than I had ever been. Plus, my mood swings that I was kind of notorious for had significantly lessened.
I lived with anxiety for a long time. I was an anxious kid, and it got worse in my twenties. Like many young adults, I developed a habit of relying on alcohol and drugs to cope, but it was mostly the alcohol that really took a toll on my health and my life. I was 23 when I realized that I couldn’t even have a normal romantic relationship without being buzzed.
After my mom passed away, I chose to be kinder to myself (I’m sure my liver was like “Finally!!!”). I started with looking closely at what I put into my body. I cut out processed foods and poor quality fats like hydrogenated oils from my diet. I became intentional about everything I ate and when I chose to consume them. I cut alcohol and other substances out of my life for over a year. I chose nourishing foods like fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs in their whole form. I drank a lot of kombucha. That was the beginning of my journey into discovering how incredible our bodies are, and how it can change your life when you commit to taking care of it.
Looking back, I know that had I not changed my lifestyle, the old ways would have made it harder for me to process my grieving. My new lifestyle not only made me generally happier, I even lost weight without intending to and I started saying “yes” to more positive things in life in general. My whole inner being changed.
If you would like to learn more about finding your self-confidence in a gentle and holistic way, let me know. I am so excited to connect with you!

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I'm an astrologer and health coach and I specialize in helping people develop their self-confidence by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their soul.

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