5 Tips to Improve Digestion

  1. Chew your food well. My mom used to tell us this when we were kids. Ideally chew every bite 30-40 times. Digestion enzymes are released into your mouth when you’re chewing via the saliva. The breakdown of glucose actually starts in your mouth this way. The only way to initiate this chemical reaction is by chewing. Additionally, food should be masticated really well to increase its surface area which makes it easier on your cells to absorb the nutrients. Because eating without good nutrient absorption is pointless.

  2. Free yourself from distractions. When you eat while reading a book, newspaper, your phone, or watching TV, you’re diverting your attention away from digesting your food. Mindless eating can lead to overeating because your attention is taken away from knowing how much you’re eating. Overeating is very taxing on the digestive system, causing it to slow down. A strained digestive system leads to flatulence, discomfort, constipation and the longer you keep this up, the weaker your digestive system gets. You also want to avoid getting stimulation that can stress you out, which leads to the next point.

  3. Eat sitting. When you’re washing dishes, standing over the sink, walking around the house and fidgeting with things while eating, you’re causing undue stress onto your body. When your body is being stressed, digestion stops. Even if you’re eating, digestion will stop if you’re under stress. So please eat while seated, preferably at a table, in a serene environment. Knowing yourself is key here – if you’re an extrovert, you may be comfortable eating while chatting with folks, but if you’re an introvert, you may prefer to eat quietly. If you’re under a lot of stress, I highly recommend that you stick to soup, something really easy and gentle on your gut.

  4. Ginger. It’s your gut’s best friend. Ginger has been used for thousands of years to cure indigestion, boost immunity and stimulate a heating sensation. In Ayurveda, digestion is powered by your digestive fire known as agni. Ginger is excellent at stimulating the agni, strengthening the digestion, which in turn strengthens you overall. If you experience diarrhea, indigestion, slow digestion, stomach pain or discomfort, grate some fresh ginger into a mug and add warm water with some lemon or apple cider vinegar for a simple yet very effective tonic. Have this drink with your meals. My ashram in India served this ginger drink at dinner time and it was heavenly, plus I never had digestion issues and it was my first time in India!

  5. Meditation, the best medication. What does this have to do with eating? Everything. Practicing meditation is one of the most effective stress busters. Giving yourself time to unplug from the noise of the world is essential to stay balanced. I’m not saying it’s going to make you a perfect person, but I will say that meditation can be the way to more contentment in your life. It’s effective at reducing anxiety, confusion and fears, and can help you navigate the way through life’s challenges, because let’s be honest: you can’t see the stars without the darkness. When your headspace is still, the brain can then do what it’s best at: conducting our body systems. If you’re a beginner, just give yourself 5 minutes to turn off all your devices, find a nice, quiet spot and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and just watch your breathing, releasing all control. The more you practice, the easier it will get.

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