Ashwagandha AKA the natural xanax

I don’t understood why my favorite herb of all time – Ashwagandha – hasn’t risen to mainstream popularity yet already. Over the years, it has become my top stress remedy for situations that I don’t have a lot of control over, like travel, work, bad traffic, moving to a new home, attending stressful events, dealing with a hangover or extreme tiredness. In my experience, Ashwagandha is an unbeatable anti-anxiety remedy that helps me reduce stress over a prolonged period of time and peps me up when I need it, that also helps me fall asleep at night.
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), aka winter cherry, is an Indian herb that grows in the most intolerable and harshest conditions. Since the winter cherry can bare arid climate and poor soil, those resilient properties are what enables human consumers to feel like they can power through any rough circumstances. It effectively helps combat stress and is often compared to ginseng, a powerful root tonic that has been used in Asia since ancient times as an energy and libido booster. Except Ashwagandha is not a tonic; it is a powerful adaptogen that supports your nervous system and can improve circulation and overall cognitive functions (now you see why I love to take this stuff before I go to work on a day that I know is going to be intense).
I have found that by taking one capsule in the morning, I am able to face 8 hours of stress-less bliss. I used to do a lot of event-planning for big events where I orchestrated a lot of moving parts while trying to impress prospective clients; needless to say, those days were stressful. There would be little time to eat lunch and if it weren’t for Ashwagandha, I would have succumbed to relying on caffeine and booze on a relatively empty stomach which is the worst thing you can do to your body; it was far from sustainable and the fastest way to burn out by day’s end.
Ashwagandha changed my life. By keeping the stress at bay, I am able to stay more organized and productive. It helps me stay on top of my game and now I even find time in the day to eat lunch like a person should. Fortunately I don’t have much trouble sleeping through the night, but I’ve had friends who were saved by Ashwagandha when they were going through a bad break-up or other stressful events that disturbed their sleep. I am more of a daytime user and I love it. It has no side effects and no risks attached to it, unlike anti-anxiety prescription meds which are commonly abused by Americans nationwide. I have had friends use Xanax recreationally, taking it without a second thought of how much they are taxing their livers. I myself am guilty of that. When I was in college, I went through a phase of mixing Xanax with alcohol which was really crazy and irresponsible. There are times when I blacked out and I am so blessed that I was never faced with any danger. Perhaps the only danger was myself.
Just remember that the most effective ways to treat stress and anxiety are regular exercise to get your blood flowing, work up a little sweat and eating nutrition-rich meals every day. Don’t underestimate the power of music. Put on your favorite tunes and watch the stress melt off your shoulders.
And if you want to give Ashwagandha a try, do your research on the seller and the herb before purchasing; go with reputable companies who have high integrity and use organic ingredients.
A Pukka Life – Finding your path to perfect health – Sebastian Pole

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